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When Is The Best Time To Sell A House For Cash?

Gathering the Facts 

Are you in a situation where you may need to sell your house for cash and split? The thing is, there are several different kinds of cash buyers out there, and different ways you can engage with one of these real estate investors. Overall, if you’re interested in knowing when to sell your home for cash and all about cash sales, you’ve come to the right post! We’re going to go over several different scenarios, and explain why different situations are right for certain methods of selling, and when.

Deciding to Sell 

When you have as much time as it takes, and you believe you can get top dollar on the open market, it just makes sense to go ahead with a traditional sale. In this case, the first thing to do is check your local real estate market conditions and the current market value of your home. Be prepared, as the traditional selling process is time-consuming and expensive. 

Real Estate Agents 

Next, you’ll want to find an excellent real estate agent, because if you want a better price, that’s the way to go. True, real estate agents charge around 6% of the sale price as a commission or fee, but it’s truly worth the array of potential buyers they bring to the closing table. When you need as much money as possible, the success of your home sale depends largely on the real estate agent you choose.

Cash Buyers 

If you’re interested in the possibility of cash buyers but you’re not exactly sure how it works, be sure you understand the differences in the process before you agree to anything. There are several different types of cash home buyers you could either encounter or solicit. Mostly, it depends on your situation and how fast you need to sell, as far as what type of potential buyers would be most beneficial to you.

On the Open Real Estate Market 

If your property is already on the open market, you could receive an all-cash offer from individual buyers. These are usually from people who are just trying to gain an advantage over other offers. The offer should come with earnest money, which involves the potential buyer putting money into an account that’s applied to the purchase price when the offer is accepted. If the cash offer is close to your sales price and comes without any concessions you don’t feel comfortable with, it could be a good time to go ahead and sell for cash. 

Any Real Estate Deal

This individual cash buyer may still be using a bank or finance company to back them, so there may be an inspection contingency or other important details to note. A real estate contract is unique in that each one is different, with its own terms and details. Home sellers should hire a real estate attorney when signing all closing documents. 

Off Market Sales – Other Cash House Buyers

So other than the occasional individual buyer, most cash property sales are done before you would actually put the house for sale on the open market. These kinds of deals are often struck for people in financial crises or other difficult circumstances who need a quick sale. With any cash sale, a house for cash comes at a discounted price, as there is a huge convenience factor. And while you may not get as much money, since there’s no loan involved there are plenty of other advantages: 

  • No Home Inspection 
  • No Necessary Repairs (Sell Your House Fast – Mississippi buys houses ‘as-is’ and in any condition)
  • No Closing Costs (Significant because closing costs can run in the thousands)
  • No Appraisal Needed
  • No Realtor Commissions
  • No Staging, Photos, or Open Houses
  • Have a Cashier’s Check Within Two Weeks (Often get your money faster!)

Home Shoppers Online – iBuyers

Cash offers can also be made to purchase your home online. iBuyers want to buy your house outright for cash, and they typically don’t even come to see the property first! Their method for cash purchases involves using public records like what other houses have sold recently for in the area, doing a title search, etc. to make their offers, and can close sometimes in a few days. 

However, you will pay a convenience fee that is usually as much as you would pay an agent, as well as any major repairs to the property deemed necessary. These iBuyers will often solicit property owners themselves, so a cash sale can be facilitated fairly quickly. 

Legitimate Companies 

There are legitimate businesses that buy houses for cash, such as Sell Your House Fast – Mississippi! We will buy your house for cash regardless of the condition, and it’s a simple process, too! You just fill out the short form on our homepage right here on this website, and a representative will be in touch shortly. The cash home buyer will schedule an appointment to visit the property in person, discuss your individual situation and answer any questions you may have. The cash buyer will be prepared to make you a cash offer on the spot to buy your house for cash!

More About Sell Your House Fast – Mississippi 

With Sell Your House Fast – Mississippi, there’s no obligation to accept your free cash offer, and we never charge a fee. In fact, we pay any costs or fees associated with the sale of your house! We are the cash home buyers who care. We are built on integrity and reliability, and we believe in full transparency. At Sell Your House Fast – Mississippi, we understand life is full of the unexpected, and we work hard to help find a solution that benefits all parties involved. Contact us today! 

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