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How To Sell A Fire Damaged House?

When your home, or any property you own, is damaged by fire, it’s a stressful situation. Hopefully, everyone who lives in the home is safe and uninjured, but even in this best-case scenario, fire-damaged houses are still upsetting.

You may feel a lot of emotional attachment to the home, or any belongings. And, even if it wasn’t a home you lived in, fire damage makes selling a home much more complicated.

While it’s not impossible to sell a house with fire damage, it is more challenging. Many homes have some sort of damage, whether from inclement weather or normal wear and tear. But fire damage is especially challenging to repair, and many buyers are hesitant to purchase a fire-damaged home.

Can You Sell Your Fire Damaged Home?

However, it is not hopeless. It’s possible to sell a fire-damaged house, and this guide from Sell Your House Fast Mississippi will help you do just that. Keep reading to learn more about selling fire-damaged houses.

Why Sell Fire Damaged House


When your home sustains fire damage, you don’t always have to sell. You could repair the fire-damaged home and stay living there. Still, there are many reasons to sell a fire-damaged house.

Some of the main reasons why you would want to sell a fire-damaged property include:

  • You plan to move to a new area for work or family reasons, so staying in the fire-damaged house isn’t a possibility.
  • You don’t want to repair fire damage on your own and would rather sell and take a loss on your fire-damaged home.
  • You have negative associations or feelings surrounding the fire-damaged house and would rather move on.

These are just some of the reasons you may consider selling your fire-damaged property. But what do you do next?

Five Steps To Sell A Home With Fire Damage

If you do decide to sell your fire-damaged house, these five steps will help you make the process of selling fire-damaged property as simple as possible.

While selling a fire-damaged home will always be more of a challenge than selling a property in great condition, there are ways to sell even after a house fire. Let’s dive deeper into these five steps.

Start Restoring And Repairing Fire Damage


The first step is determining how much of the fire damage you want to address. The more fire damage you can restore, the better. However, you’ll want to determine the cost of the repairs.

You may try to repair essential elements that were destroyed during the fire but leave minor damage alone. Just remember that fire damage can be more all-encompassing than it seems. Even rooms that didn’t have fire can receive significant smoke damage.

As you go about this process, you’ll want to enlist the help of both your insurance company and a fire restoration team. Depending on your insurance policy, they may cover some of the repairs to your fire-damaged house. Remember you should always contact your insurance company immediately after a house fire.

Accept Potential Losses

Unfortunately, you may have to accept some losses when it comes to fire damage. It can be very difficult to completely restore a fire-damaged house. So, you might not be able to completely fix the property back to its original state, even with help from your insurance company and a fire restoration team for your fire-damaged home.

So, while you can repair fire damage, accept that you’ll probably end up selling fire-damaged property for less than you’d anticipated.

Keep Records Of The Fire Damage Repairs

As you go about the restoration process, keep detailed records. You’ll want to record the fire damage through pictures and videos. You’ll also need to keep records of any communications between contractors, your insurance company, and more.

The more in-depth records you keep, the better. This way, you can show all the steps to anybody looking to buy fire-damaged houses. Whether you are selling the house as is or trying to get more market value out of it.

Be Transparent With Potential Buyers

Even if you are able to repair most of the fire damage, you still want to be honest about what happened to the house. It’s important to disclose fire damage to any potential buyers. You don’t want to end up in legal trouble because you didn’t make it clear that you were selling a fire-damaged home.

Try And Be Patient

Once you make the repairs you want to make on your fire-damaged house, it’s essential to be patient. It might take longer to sell fire damaged properties than it would for another similar home without fire damage.

One of your best options for selling quickly is to look into cash home buyers who might be looking to flip a fire-damaged house. They may be willing to take the fire-damaged home off your hands.

When To Sell A Fire Damaged House As Is

While repairing fire damage might be worth it at times, it’s not always possible. You may not have the energy, time, or money to put into repairing your fire-damaged home.

So, while you may lose money, it’s sometimes best to place your fire-damaged home on the market as is. While you may not make much money on the sale, there are some house flippers who are willing to buy fire-damaged houses at a lower cost.

Sell Your Fire Damaged Property Quickly

Dealing with a fire-damaged house is stressful, and repairing your fire-damaged property might be more than you want to take on. After a house fire, there is an easy way to sell your home without going through a long repair process.

At Sell Your House Fast Mississippi, we can purchase homes as is, even if they have issues. We will work with you to provide a fair price and an actual cash value, and you can even get started with the process of selling your fire-damaged house in less than a minute.

Contact us today to learn more about selling fire damaged property. You can also get started by receiving your own cash quote

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