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The State of Mississippi

Mississippi is the Magnolia state, with housing that includes livability amenities you’ll love, served with plenty of charm and Southern hospitality to go around! Here at Sell Your House Fast – Mississippi, we hope you’ll remember us if you’re ever in a situation where you need to sell your house fast for cash. 

We buy houses in any condition, and you can get a free, no-obligation cash offer by filling out the short form right here. In the meantime, let’s talk about the best places to live in Mississippi – one of the best states in America! 

Madison, Mississippi

Madison is undoubtedly one of the best places to live in Mississippi and is so rated #1 by Niche.com, where it also scores #1 best place to buy a house in Mississippi and #1 best place to raise a family in Mississippi. The population is approximately 25,592 and Madison has low crime rates. In Madison, most of the city’s residents own their own homes.

The median household income in the Madison community is $114,521, and the median home value is $261,900. In addition, the public schools in Madison are highly rated. Madison is in Madison County and is a suburb of Jackson, which itself is one of the best cities to live in Mississippi. 

Ocean Springs, Mississippi

Another one of the best places to live is in Southern Mississippi, where you’ll find the small-town charm in Ocean Springs, population 17,729. Ocean Springs is the suburb that surrounds the Gulf Islands National Seashore, right on the Gulf Coast of Mexico. Residents enjoy a good quality of life in the beach community, and housing is affordable. 

The median household income is $58,713 and the median home value is $174K. Families with children whose education is at stake will be happy to know the schools in Ocean Springs are among the best in Mississippi. Ocean Springs has a reasonable cost of living and is ranked the best place to live in Jackson County. 

Flowood, Mississippi

Flowood, another suburb of Jackson, is ranked the best place to live in Rankin County, with a population of 9,030. Housing costs are good here, with a median home value of $187,500. Flowood is one of the best places to start a business in Mississippi, voted #2 for top places in the state for young professionals. Residents earn $65,191 on average here. 

Crime statistics show that although there is no murder in Flowood, there’s a surprisingly high percentage of rape. The national average is 40.7 annually, and in Flowood, the number jumps to 73.2. The amount of residents with a Bachelor’s degree, a Master’s degree, or college education, in general, is higher than the national average in Flowood.

Clinton, Mississippi

Clinton is ranked the 2nd best suburb in Mississippi to raise a family and is located in Hinds County, with a population of 25,131. Home prices are affordable, with the median home value at $169,500, and the cost of living is reasonable, with a median rent of $981. Quality of life is good for residents in the close-knit community of Clinton. 

Ridgeland, Mississippi 

Ridgeland is between Jackson and Madison with a population of 24,269 and is one of the best places to live in Mississippi. Home prices are affordable with the median value at $186.5K, and rent is $1,043. The median household income in this community is $60,823 and there are good job opportunities for residents. 

Petal, Mississippi

Petal is a small town in Forrest County, with a population of just 10,584. Residents enjoy a quiet, close-knit community and a great cost of living in one of the best cities in Mississippi. The median rent in Petal is $884, and the median home value is $141,600. It’s #2 on the list of best places to raise a family in Mississippi. Education is quality with top-rated schools.

Brandon, Mississippi 

Brandon is one of the coolest Mississippi cities to live in, and one of the top 3 places to buy a house. It’s really a suburb of the city of Jackson and has a population of 23,930. The median home value is $181,900, and the median household income is $78,573. Living in Brandon has the community spirit of a small town, but the convenience of a bigger city. 

New Hamilton, Mississippi 

Population 573, New Hamilton is one of the best small towns in Mississippi. The housing is very affordable with median home values at around $157,600 and median rent at just $536, and no crime to speak of. If you’re looking for a quaint little town instead of a big city, the town of New Hamilton is a decent choice. 

Other Great Places to Live in Mississippi 

Hide-A-Way Lake is a great town to retire in, the population of 2,392. Located in Pearl River County, the median house value is $183.8K, and as the name suggests, if you love small-town life this is it. Olive Branch is in the city of Memphis and has 37,461 people and a median house value of $175.6K. 

The median annual household wage is $74,680. Pass Christian is a nice little town with 5,877 people, a median house price of $183.7K. Henderson Point Beach is in Pass Christian, and both are part of Harrison County.

Unemployment Rates 

The County of Jackson has a 3.5% unemployment rate. Madison County has an unemployment rate of 2.4%. In Pearl River County, the unemployment rate is 3.1%. All of these numbers are from December 2021. The national average is 6.0%, Mississippi overall is 4.5%. Mississippi compares with other states right about in the middle. 

And Finally…

There are many college towns and cool places where it’s a little more exciting, like in the city where there is what’s collectively called Tunica Resorts. This is the site of 6 different casino resorts and a very popular and exciting spot! Tunica Resorts also refers to a CDP or census-designated place. The city of Biloxi has some terrific art galleries. The cities of Jackson and Biloxi are great cities to start a business. 

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