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How to Increase Your Home Value Affordably

Getting Ready to Sell 

If you are getting ready to sell your house, you may be looking for some ways to increase your home’s value. And while you may not have a lot of money, you want to pick home improvement projects that can actually raise your home’s sale price. We’ve got some great tips on home improvements for you in this post, plus where to go if you need to sell fast! 

From the Curb 

The first thing we’re going to talk about is probably the most important thing you can do, to attract potential buyers and add value to your home. A buyer’s first impression is in the car, from the curb. That’s why you need curb appeal! As the old saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression that counts.

Power Washing 

If you don’t have a power washer, this is a great investment you can use for many different kinds of projects. Or, you can rent one – because this will make such a big difference to your home’s exterior, and goes towards improving your curb appeal. Power wash the entire house and take a before and after picture to see the miraculous transformation in the value of your home!


Curb appeal starts with landscaping, so thank goodness it’s typically affordable, and something you can do yourself. Once your front door and patio area neat and clean, get in your car and very slowly drive by, and then pull up to the front curb of your home. Likely, you’ll see any areas that need something. 

New Paint Job 

Next, we are going to work on the front of the home, creating a warm, welcoming path to your door. In fact, the home’s entry is our point of focus. There are 2 options that will boost home value. One, choose a nice, darker (usually) accent color for the outside of your home, then put a fresh coat of paint on your front door and front window frames, to match. 

Final Touches to Exterior

If that doesn’t work for you, look for a new door from your local home improvement store. Your front door is the final touch and center point of the curb appeal we talked about earlier that’s so important. Hang some plants on the porch, maybe some wind chimes, too. Make it look attractive and inviting. See below. 

Moving Inside 

Continue on this ‘journey to the center of your house with me, as we begin with a deep cleaning of all surfaces – walls, windows (you should only have the insides, at least), baseboards, doors, mirrors, countertops, floors – you get the idea. If you can, go with hardwood floors. Even if you have to pull out carpet, laminate, or tile, and restore the wood yourself. 


Everyone tends to over-evaluate the need to remodel the kitchen. In reality, the majority of the time the buyer would rather do it themselves if given the choice. Instead, save money now and make more money in the near future, by just buying new kitchen cabinets. Look at the difference this makes, below.


If you don’t have the money for new cabinets, as they can be pricey, restore your own! It’s definitely a project, but it’s one buyers appreciate when sellers are on a tight budget. And don’t forget, for a touch of class at a relatively low cost, buy new hardware and cabinet knobs.

Small Touches 

One small touch that can make any room look like an expensive room is crown molding. This will cost an average of around $1,200 to have it installed throughout the home, or it can be done by the room if you prefer. Most people can do this home improvement project by themselves if they want to save even more cash. 


Another seemingly small thing that is huge for prospective buyers, is lighting. Make sure you’re getting as much natural sunlight inside the house as possible, especially in the kitchen. Consider no window coverings wherever possible and sheer curtains. 


Replace old light fixtures with modern, adjustable lighting. If possible, replace each old, ugly fixture with a new, unique light fixture. Lighting is a key element in selling points for any home. Consider smart home technology, as this relatively low-priced improvement, is one that adds value. 

Add Square Feet 

If you can only do ONE home improvement project to increase the value of your home, according to most real estate agents, ADD SQUARE FOOTAGE. If you have any unfinished space in your home, such as the basement or the attic, turn it into an entertainment space! Adding square footage gets any home a guaranteed increase in value that’s well worth the cost. 

Sell Your House Fast – Mississippi 

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