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Can You Sell a House As-Is?

Selling A House

Does the idea of tackling home improvements give you anxiety? Do you need to sell your house now, and don’t have the money or the time for major repairs that might be necessary? Most sellers prepare for selling a house by making home repairs and general improvements to the property. But sometimes, the need for relocation trumps everything else. In these kinds of cases, a home can be sold “as is”, as long as you disclose that in the listing. 

Selling As Is

Selling a home as is means you must disclose defects that you’re aware of to any potential buyers, and the listing must be clear that it’s an as is sale. Additionally, you will want to state these terms in your final sale agreement. Selling as is means buyer beware, as there won’t be a home inspection report to go on, so you’ll have limited knowledge about future problems you could encounter. 

Pricing An “As Is” Home

If you’re still going to try and sell a house as is on the open real estate market, a local real estate agent can help. A good real estate agent will help you figure out the market value, and then set a fair price. Selling as is will mean taking less money, of course, so be sure you set a realistic price with this in mind. Many buyers will be interested because they want to save money. 

A Fixer Upper 

Selling a home ‘as is’ typically means it’s a ‘fixer upper’! It means there were no home improvements prior to listing done, and there’ll be no home inspection done. Home sales involving an as is property will not be move-in ready. It’s likely that home buyers will need to put a fresh coat of paint on the house first, and potentially much more. 

Real Estate Agents

A good real estate agent brings regular home sellers and regular buyers together. He or she should be able to sell a house ‘as is’ just like any other home sale, and even get you a higher price than estimated, in certain cases. Most home sellers, as well as most buyers, choose to enlist the services of professional real estate agents for any potential real estate transaction. Potential legal problems can be avoided like lead paint or asbestos, especially when selling as is.

Tips to Sell ‘As Is’ Property Faster

Many sellers, to attract more prospective buyers, will at least work on their curb appeal. It’s one home selling tip that applies to everyone, whether selling as is or not! Make sure your house looks great from the street, when driving by it. Host an open house with a big sign that announces: Home ‘As Is’ Sale! It might attract other real estate investors that you haven’t appealed to yet. Tell people who come to your home sale that although you’ve chosen to sell as is, look at all the positives. 

Another Alternative 

When the object is to sell fast, instead of accepting some low ball offer, why not get a free cash offer for your house, as is, from Sell Your House Fast – Mississippi? We will buy your house as is for cash, so get started by filling out the short form on our homepage, right here on this website. A representative will be in touch shortly to schedule an appointment to visit the property in person. At that time, they will be prepared to make you a free, no obligation cash offer on the spot!

Trusted Home Buyers

Here at Sell Your House Fast – Mississippi, we’re a reputable cash home buying business that was built on integrity and reliability. We believe in complete transparency, and that means full disclosure – you’ll find all the details right here on our website. We want to help find a solution that benefits all parties involved in your ‘as is’ home sale. We do not just want to take advantage of you because you’re in an uncomfortable situation. We’re the cash buyers who care, and we’ll buy your home as is, in any condition. There’s no fees for our services, and there’s no obligation to accept our offer. So what are you waiting for?

Some Advantages 

Here are some of the things you will enjoy by going with the cash buyers here at Sell Your House Fast – Mississippi: 


That’s right – no fuss, no muss. Just a simple, quick sale at a reasonable price. Contact Sell Your House Fast – Mississippi today, because after all, what have you got to lose?

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